Article | April 26, 2013

Chemical Feed Selection: Tips From An Expert

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By Jim Holts and Harland R Pond

Anyone with some experience working on chemical dosing pumps will tell you, they are not like other pumps. And even many familiar with diaphragm pumps are often still unclear as to how they actually function. I wanted to offer you a few points of consideration when using metering pumps in your application, things I have learned over the years that address common mistakes.

Replace With Knowledge
When we receive requests to replace existing chemical pumps, customers provide us with pressure and flow requirements. Frequently these numbers come right off the old pump nameplate – if they can read it. At the minimum this often requires a customer to spend money on wasted capacity or pressure. Sometimes feed problems are just replicated, such as wasted chemicals, inaccurate flow, loss of prime, etc. The previous pump selection may have been based on an anticipated expansion, a conservative engineer, models that were available or bundling similar flow pumps for purchase.

By providing the actual flow range requirements at the actual system pressure will allow for a much more precise pump selection that will perform as desired and can save future problems.

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