CDOX® Dissolved CO2 Solutions

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CDOX Dissolved CO2 Solutions

Utilizing the smallest carrier stream in the industry, the CDOX is a leader at efficiently dissolving carbon dioxide in a sidestream process. From simple in-process pH adjustment and alkalinity addition to large recarbonation projects, the CDOX delivers results.

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The CDOX is designed to take a sidestream from the main process flow or other water supply, saturate it with carbon dioxide, and re-inject the carbonic acid solution back into the main flow such that is effectively mixed and distributed. By leveraging Henry’s law, we are able to cost-effectively provide pH control through carbon dioxide dissolution for a variety of water and wastewater treatment processes. We provide fully-integrated skids that simplify both the design and construction process, and we have several options available for materials of construction and instrumentation & control.

Pilots and orders for CDOX come from different size cities and industries throughout the United States: 160MGD facility in Omaha, NE, 120 MGD facility in Minneapolis, MN, 65MGD facility in Palmdale, CA, 30MGD facility in Bismarck, ND, and a 9MGD facility in Piqua, OH. An industrial application for pH adjustment has been installed at a yogurt production facility in Utah as well.

The BlueInGreen CDOX® solution offers the following features and benefits:

  • Up to 10 times less carrier stream than competing systems operating at similar pressures – resulting in significantly smaller carrier streams and infrastructure needs
  • Significant gas savings – approximately 40% less CO2 than typical bubble diffusion applications and 20% less CO2 than competing sidestream solutions
  • Ability to direct inject into main process flow piping eliminates the need for large concrete basins typically required for bubble diffusion
  • Fully integrated and skid mounted carbon dioxide dissolution and injection system  – including pump/motor, VFD, control panel with PLC and HMI, pH feedback control loop, and associated piping and valves – provides single source responsibility
  • Sophisticated controls that allow the pump(s) to be turned down to save energy, yet ensures treatment objectives are accomplished – our dissolution does not require fixed flow rates
  • Factory tested for functionality and performance, ensuring minimal construction and start-up time

In addition to having the most cost-effective dissolution and injection system on the market, BlueInGreen has teamed with Chart Industries – the leading manufacturer of vacuum jacketed storage vessels – to offer a turn-key carbon dioxide dissolution solutions to our customers. Since 2000, all of the major gas suppliers have switched to vacuum jacketed technology due to its superior performance and longevity over foam insulated tanks. The efficiency of the vacuum jacketed tanks is such that no additional refrigeration equipment is necessary for the storage of cryogenic liquids – significantly minimizing long-term operations and maintenance costs.

BlueInGreen's CDOX technology has been applied in both water and wastewater processes for a variety of applications – including pH control, alkalinity adjustment, and remineralization. The most common applications are listed below – but, we encourage you to contact a BlueInGreen representative if you don’t see your application. Our engineers are always eager to answer any questions you may have or to assist you with the details of your project.

  • Softening / Recarbonation - Reducing TOC, Stage II DBPR requirements
  • pH Adjustment - Industrial processes, hydraulic fracturing fluid treatment
  • Water Stability - Reducing anti-scalants – boiler systems, high purity water
  • Desalination or Reverse osmosis – remineralization, alkalinity addition

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