Brochure | June 27, 2011

Brochure: Brackett Green® Debris Filters

Source: Ovivo

Most power plants employ extensive pre-screening at cooling water intakes. Despite this, additional filtration can be required at locations where the cooling water is loaded with heavy debris and marine life. Brackett Green® debris filters provide a vital line of defense, efficiently intercepting and removing coarse particles, fibrous material, mussels, clams and other macro fouling related to problems downstream of pumps. Ovivo understands the importance of the thermal performance of your plant to ensure plant output, and ultimately, profitability. Online, self-flushing Brackett Green debris filters are an effective solution to minimize fouling from the condenser tubes. This last line of defense for your cooling water system can increase or maintain your condenser's heat exchange rate by keeping the tubes clean, reducing operating costs and ultimately, your environmental footprint. Prevents macro fouling built-up debris at the heat exchanger inlet and condenser tubes can stop or slow cooling water flow. This reduces the heat transfer rate and damages overall plant efficiency. Debris build-up also shortens tube service life through corrosion, erosion and pitting. Automatic debris filtering prevents macro fouling of heat exchangers and condensers, lengthening service life and eliminating an array of potential performance problems. These include: insufficient cooling, ineffective temperature control, increased pressure drops, high energy consumption and costly downtime.

Compact design handles all debris. Ordinary self-flushing debris filters are installed externally to the cooling water line, demanding a large amount of space and additional pipework. Some are designed to handle coarse debris while others are more suitable for fibrous debris removal. Ovivo's unique Brackett Green automatic, self-flushing debris filters fit within the cooling water piping and can handle all forms of debris. The Brackett Green debris filter's housing actually replaces a segment of the cooling water pipework, requiring no additional space or connections. The filtration mechanism is designed to remove coarse as well as fibrous debris including plastic, mussels, clams, fish, tree roots, seaweed, algae, rocks, wood chips, pine cones and leaves.

Key features & benefits

  • Compact design suitable for new installations or retrofit
  • Low pressure drop
  • External drive mechanism with easy access to seals and gear box
  • Suitable for high flows and a variety of filtration sizes
  • Suitable for high debris loading and continuous operation
  • Suitable for operation either upstream (negative operating pressure) or downstream (positive operating pressure) of the intake pump
  • Can be manufactured to ASME, Nuclear and Power & Petrochemical Industry codes and standards

How we create value

  • Custom design reduces installation costs
  • High quality engineering suited to the most demanding applications
  • Highly reliable, reducing maintenance requirements
  • Design models anticipate field performance
  • Ovivo experience in debris filter applications across a wide range of industries

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