Brochure | May 14, 2012

BioMag™ And CoMag™ Systems Brochure

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The bottlenecks of many water and wastewater treatment plants are its clarifiers. Recalcitrant microorganisms, spikes in loading and variations in flows all pose constant challenges to productivity by adversely affecting the settling rates, and thereby the capacity and contaminant removal effectiveness of primary, secondary and tertiary clarifiers.

BioMag™ and CoMag™ Systems infuse biological or chemical floc with magnetite, a high specific gravity ballasting agent. The resulting highdensity floc enables reliable settling rates 10 to 30 times greater than conventional clarification.

Treatment facilities utilize smaller, lower cost clarifiers for a given flow, generate 2 to 3 times the flow capacity within existing clarifiers and can process wet weather flows with no loss of solids. Most importantly, BioMag™ and CoMag™ Systems deliver enhanced nutrient and solids removal performance.

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