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As a key component in Emerson's PlantWeb® digital architecture, Ovation® offers a growing and unequaled array of fully integrated products and capabilities to help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage for years to come...

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As a key component in Emerson's PlantWeb® digital architecture, Ovation® offers a growing and unequaled array of fully integrated products and capabilities to help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage for years to come.

PlantWeb is an automated solution that delivers asset management, process control and management execution through intelligent field devices, industry standard platforms, and integrated modular software. It provides seamless connection to widely adopted digital 'smart' device communication protocols including HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, Profibus DP and DeviceNet.

New Project Benefits
An Ovation PlantWeb architecture can reduce project installation costs up to 30% through significant savings in wiring and conduit requirements, reduced engineering expense during system configuration and commissioning, and earlier, more trouble-free plant startup. In fact, a recent independent study showed that on a new 600 MW coal-fired power plant, the implementation of a PlantWeb architecture can result in savings of as much as $20 million.

Operational Benefits
The standard platforms in a PlantWeb architecture have been field proven in hundreds of applications to improve plant efficiency by as much as 2% by boosting plant availability, capacity and response while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Leveraging Digital Intelligence
The Ovation PlantWeb digital plant architecture begins with a strong foundation of intelligent field devices from industry leaders such as Fisher and Rosemount. With their digital capabilities — including onboard microprocessors, embedded software, and open-standard communications — these devices can:

  • Deliver precise measurement and control to reduce process variability
  • Handle multiple variables to reduce the number of devices required
  • Perform diagnostics to monitor device health and predict problems

Connecting Your Plant
PlantWeb uses open communications standards to link field intelligence, systems and applications in a plant wide network that delivers information when and where it's needed most.

Open, industry-proven communications standards let you select the best components to meet your needs, integrate them with other plant and business systems, and add more products or capabilities in the future.

Besides supporting popular protocols from 4-20 mA and Fast Ethernet to DeviceNet, Profibus DP, and Modbus protocols, PlantWeb is the only architecture that provides a single, integrated architecture that delivers the full capabilities of HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and OPC.

Controlling the Process
The Ovation PlantWeb digital architecture provides the precise, efficient control you need for better process performance. Process and equipment information from intelligent digital devices not only enables you to predict and remedy conditions that could otherwise lead to unexpected downtime, but helps reduce process variability by keeping devices and instruments performing at their best. This, in turn, enables you to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase output by running closer to optimum.

Optimizing Your Assets with AMS Suite™
The AMS Suite of applications is a core component of the proven PlantWeb digital plant architecture. AMS Suite powers PlantWeb by using predictive intelligence to improve availability and performance of production assets including mechanical equipment, electrical systems, process equipment, instruments and valves. AMS Suite applications include:

  • AMS Suite Asset Portal — Consolidates valuable information from AMS Suite applications allowing experts to view current status, active alerts and historical trends to expedite decision making.
  • AMS Suite Intelligent Device Manager — Provides a powerful tool for predictive diagnostics, documentation, calibration management and configuration of intelligent devices. With the Intelligent Device Manager, the Ovation expert control system offers seamless communication with intelligent field devices and bus technologies like HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus to deliver the power of predictive intelligence.
  • AMS Suite Equipment Performance Monitor — Provides details of equipment degradation and calculates the optimal maintenance schedules in terms of financial impact.
  • AMS Suite Machinery Health Manager — Tracks the condition of rotating machinery including vibration, infrared thermography, oil analysis, ultrasonics and motor diagnostics.

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