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Harnessing Aclara Advanced Analytics For Water Balancing, Meter Trending, And Meter Right-Sizing   Harnessing Aclara Advanced Analytics For Water Balancing, Meter Trending, And Meter Right-Sizing
Water utility managers today face a conundrum. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recommends a water utility strive for non-revenue water loss at 10 to 15 percent, but managers know that many systems lose as much as 50 percent. Discovering where these losses occur is difficult. Learn more.
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Pump Efficiency Killers (And What To Do About Them)
  Did you know that 85 percent of the average pump’s life cycle cost is spent on energy? While capital cost considerations often rule the day, the up-front cost of a water distribution pump is actually only 5 percent of the total, with the remaining 10 percent going toward maintenance. A bit more maintenance, however, could greatly enhance energy efficiency.
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Attacking The "New Sewage"
Disposable, throw-away products are making raw sewage pumping tougher than ever. The Jefferson Street Pump Station, in the City of Centralia, WA, had a problem demanding a cost-effective solution.
12 Monitoring Applications For Water Distribution Systems
Water utilities do a great job of producing good quality drinkable water in their processing plants. In the plant the water purification process is well monitored and scrutinized. Then the water is pushed out into the distribution system where far less is known. The primary reason for this lack of knowledge is that monitoring the water distribution infrastructure has been traditionally difficult and expensive.
The Next Big Market For UV
The use of UV technology within process industries has grown tremendously in recent years. Water, fruit juice, syrup, and brines are increasingly seen as the largest volume ingredient in many food products, and the need to protect human health, while reducing the level of chemical preservatives and extending shelf life, leads to the incorporation of UV systems within the food manufacturing process.
Most Popular News
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PETA Targets Water Shutoffs
Which State Will Be The Next Big Fracking Site?
Should WWTPs Own The Water They Treat?
Private Or Public Utilities: Who Does It Better?
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