Video | April 3, 2009

Aqua-Aerobic Systems Corporate Video

Aqua Aerobic Corporate Video

Aqua-Aerobic Systems began with the manufacture of Aqua-Jet® Surface Aerators in 1969 and quickly revolutioned the aerator industry. Since then, it has grown progressively and now manufactures a complete line of wastewater treatment systems including: Sequencing Batch Reactors, Phased Activated Sludge Systems, Traveling Bridge Sand Filters, Cloth Media Filters, Membrane Systems, Control Panels and Process Management Systems. In addition, it also produces Direct-Drive Mixers, Fine and Coarse Bubble Diffusers, Spray Coolers, and Aftermarket Products and Services.

To accommodate the company’s growth over the years, Aqua-Aerobic opted to expand its facilities in 1989, and again in April 2005. The second expansion included the addition of an environmentally friendly building that utilizes glass to promote natural heat and lighting, and includes new, state-of-the-art seminar facilities, additional offices, more meeting areas, and a formal lunchroom. The existing building was renovated to coincide with the new building design and manufacturing space was expanded. Today, Aqua-Aerobic Systems employs approximately 150 persons in manufacturing, engineering, sales/marketing and administration.

To learn more details on Aqua-Aerobic Systems' legacy, view the short, narrated video.

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