Newsletter | April 30, 2014

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From The Editor
10 Apps For Water And Wastewater Professionals
  Smartphones, when programed with the right apps, can serve important functions at wastewater and water treatment facilities. These 10 apps make it easier to do everything from calculating chemical dosages to installing the right size sewage pipes.
Most Popular Articles
Fight Against Flushables: How To Eliminate Pump Clogging
The flushable market is on the rise, led by marketing efforts to position these products as more convenient, more effective cleaning tools than their dry paper counterparts. It is no surprise that pump clog problems seem to be increasing at the same time.
H2S Solved
Hydrogen sulfide is probably the most obnoxious and troublesome compound to be dealt with in a potable water supply. It is an almost impossible task to produce a palatable water that is free of taste and odor at all times if hydrogen sulfide is present in the raw water in significant concentrations.
Troubleshooting Nitrification And Denitrification In Wastewater
The proper tools are essential to fixing any problem. Over the years, Ohio EPA’s Compliance Assistance Unit (CAU) has helped dozens of water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) get back into and maintain compliance with NPDES discharge permits.
Most Popular News
Obama Slashes Water Funding
Cigarettes Linked To Tap Water Contamination
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Obscure EPA Law Could Kill Future Projects
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