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Join us as we discuss trends, issues, and the latest technologies in water quality. Get up close and personal with industry thought leaders at WEFTEC 2014.

Tune into Water Online Radio, live at the show or by clicking the image above, at the following times (CDT):

  • September 29 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • September 30 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • October 1 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
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Three of our businesses (Salsnes Filter, TrojanUV, and US Peroxide) will be at WEFTEC 2014. Over the past few years these businesses have expanded their product lines and unveiled some very innovative water and wastewater treatment products. These solutions are now installed in facilities throughout the world, and will be on display in New Orleans in booths 6829 and 6929. We look forward to seeing you there.

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WEFTEC® brings the latest in innovative water quality solutions. Offering the highest value by being priced lower than any other water quality conference of its kind, WEFTEC provides the most comprehensive educational content and largest annual water quality exhibition in the world. With nearly 1,000 exhibiting companies, 145 technical sessions, 31 workshops, 11 mobile sessions, and 8 facility tours, join us at WEFTEC 2014, and Make THE Water Quality Event YOUR Water Quality Event! Register now.


ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

Desalitech ReFlex Reverse Osmosis systems are highly efficient, typically reducing brine waste by 50% to 75% and energy consumption by up to 35%.

R450<sup>™</sup> System Makes Utility Operations Visual

R450 System Makes Utility Operations Visual

Based on Esri® GIS mapping that allows you to view critical conditions and infrastructure status throughout your service areas, R450 RF fixed network technology makes it easy to collect and interpret the data you need.

Ballcentric Plug Valves

Ballcentric Plug Valves

The shape of the port, whether round or rectangular, is important from an understanding of what shape is best to efficiently manufacture plug valves. The issue of effective seat design plays a huge role in determining the shape of the port. In smaller size valves - up to 12" - the most cost effective approach to produce plug valves is with round ports. 

Amaline - Circulating Pump

Amaline - Circulating Pump

Wet-installed, horizontal propeller pump with submersible motor, equipped with spur gear or direct drive, ECB propeller with 3 rigid, fiber-repellent blades, bolt-free connection to the discharge pipe, explosion protection to ATEX II G2 T3 or T4.

FAST&reg; Process

FAST® Process

The patented FAST® Process stands for "Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment", a fixed-film, aerobic treatment system designed for tackling variable load and flow conditions. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, FAST® consists of tankage packed with completely submerged media.
SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. offers design and development of Electrical Control Panels and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems, targeted for wastewater treatment equipment and processes
Flygt Mid-Size Mixers by Xylem

Flygt Mid-Size Mixers by Xylem

The Flygt 4530 incorporates a state-of-the-art propeller and proven drive unit for optimal efficiency in mid-depth treatment tanks. Typical applications are mixing in activated sludge processes, sludge holding tanks, and digesters.

WEDECO MiPRO Advanced Oxidation Solutions

WEDECO MiPRO Advanced Oxidation Solutions

Xylem’s WEDECO MiPRO™ solution is based on three key components: Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, and UV light. By combining these technologies, flexible oxidation solutions for individual micropollutant requirements are available.

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The Benefits Of Ductile Iron Pipe

The Benefits Of Ductile Iron Pipe

V-Bio Polyethylene Encasement is the latest scientific advancement in corrosion control for ductile iron pipe.  In this interview with Water Online, Maury Gaston of American Ductile Iron Pipe and American SpiralWeld Pipe talks about the many benefits of iron pipe and the company’s improved polyethylene encasement, including how its revolutionary formulation allows for complete confidence on the part of the owner, engineer and municipality that no matter how aggressive the soils, the rugged iron pipe installed will last for generations. 

Desalitech ReFlex Reverse Osmosis Technology Demonstration

Desalitech ReFlex Reverse Osmosis Technology Demonstration

ReFlex products feature patented Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD)  technology and are uniquely capable of maximizing recovery from challenging waters at record low energy consumption levels. This demo video reflects the actual performance of the ReFlex RO unit as reflected in the PLC HMI. The time is fast forwarded and reflects a total sequence time of 32.5 minutes. The system includes all basic ReFlex equipment: pumps, instruments, micron filter, and valves.

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Neptune Leads The Way In Performance And Compliance

Each utility has its own unique needs, based on size, geography, infrastructure, and other factors. Neptune makes it a point to understand your specific needs so that we can offer a solution that suits you the best. Our people are trained to help you determine the best meter reading systems and tools that can be used to meet those needs.


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Providing expert insight into the most important topics in the water and wastewater industry.

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    Biological Nutrient Removal

    Direct Potable Reuse

    Crypto Detection
  • 2014 Innovations Water Magazine - Digital Magazine
    Deep Drilling For Groundwater

    Top Water Technology Sites

    Tightening Water Regulations
  • 2014 Clean Water Magazine - Digital Edition
    Non-Revenue Water

    Next-Generation Arsenic Removal

    DBPs: Treatment Options And Challenges
  • Includes:
    Biological Nutrient Removal

    Activated Sludge Instrumentat

    Advanced Oxidation Processes
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    EPA Priorities

    Real-time Bacterial Sensors

    Sludge Pretreatment


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