• Aquis Customer Case Esbjerg
    Aquis Customer Case Esbjerg

    This video is a Customer Case for Aquis and Esbjerg, demonstrating how Esbjerg Utility has benefitted from implementing Aquis. The various departments at Esbjerg Utility are working together sharing information in the individually customized user interfaces and working on the same platform.

  • Aquis Energy Optimization
    Aquis Energy Optimization

    With the Aquis pressure optimization module the network can be operated within tight parameters ensuring adequate pressure all the time without wasted energy and unnecessary leakages. The module reduces the supply pressure, the leakages, the pumping costs and the CO2 emission. The operator has complete overview of pressure and flow in the network.

  • A Smart Meter For An Industry In Flux
    A Smart Meter For An Industry In Flux

    Like most digital technology, the move from traditional to smart water meters seems like an inevitable step in the march towards progress. However, due to cost and regulatory concerns, many utilities have yet to make the transition.

  • Aquis Engineering
    Aquis Engineering

    This video explains how engineers and operators by using Aquis can make intelligent decisions based on known network performance from historical data. Modeling scenarios draw on the digital mapping data for the existing network and the real time data from the SCADA system.

  • Aquis Day To Day Operation
    Aquis Day To Day Operation

    Operating staff can benefit from using Aquis in their daily work. The operator gets a complete overview of pressure and flow parameters of the entire network. The user interface is intuitive and requires no previous knowledge of Aquis. The interface can be configured to suit the operator's specific needs and requirements.

  • Aquis Water Quality
    Aquis Water Quality

    Aquis monitors and visualizes water quality covering parameters such as the age of the water, the direction and rate of flow and even the mixing of water from multiple sources. This enables the operator to choose the optimal combination of supply sources to achieve optimal water quality and optimizing production cost.

  • Q-SEP Ultrafiltration Reduces Water Footprint And Recycles Wastewater For Textile Mill
    Q-SEP Ultrafiltration Reduces Water Footprint And Recycles Wastewater For Textile Mill

    An existing effluent treatment plant was not meeting the a textile mill’s requirements for the recycle and reuse of textile effluent water for process purposes.  QUA supplied Q-SEP 6008 ultrafiltration modules as part of a water treatment system that includes equalization, flash mixing, flocculation, clarifier, rapid sand filter, holding tank, MGF, ACF, Q-SEP ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis. Read the full project profile to learn more.  

  • Pharmaceutical Effluent Recycling In India
    Pharmaceutical Effluent Recycling In India

    A renowned pharmaceutical company in Pune, India, installed a water treatment system to recycle pharmaceutical process wastewater for reuse. Ultrafiltration was chosen as pretreatment to a reverse osmosis system, and the feed water was tertiary treated pharma effluent.  Soon after operation began, the existing UF membranes were repeatedly choking, and QUA of­fered Q-SEP ultrafiltration modules to the customer to replace the existing UF membranes.

  • The Aquis Concept
    The Aquis Concept

    This video explains the concept of Aquis and how water utilities can benefit from implementing Aquis in terms of providing complete overview of the network as well as being a valuable optimization tool.

  • AWWA Looks Towards A Lead-Free Future
    AWWA Looks Towards A Lead-Free Future

    The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recently voted to support the National Drinking Water Advisory Council’s (NDWAC) recommendation to remove lead service lines in the aftermath of the Flint, MI, lead contamination catastrophe.

  • How To Select The Right Pipe Material
    How To Select The Right Pipe Material

    In this Water Online Radio interview, Brian LaBelle, Director of Business Development, Water Treatment and Energy, George Fischer Piping Systems, explains how to select the correct piping material for your system. As LaBelle explains, pressure, temperature and chemical compatibility should all be considered alongside dimensions and application.

  • Alarms Management And SCADA
    Alarms Management And SCADA

    The ISA standard for alarms management, ISA 18.2 alarms management strategy, was recently released. The standard is a series of best practices for how to create a consistent culture of alarms management in your organization.

  • Helping Chlorine Out During The Disinfection Process
    Helping Chlorine Out During The Disinfection Process

    If you’re still unfamiliar with the name De Nora, it’s time to get acquainted. Traditionally a supplier of plates for electrolytic industries, the company purchased Severn Trent’s equipment business in 2015 and is investing in its core business of disinfection and filtration.

  • Sentencing Held After Man Drowned At Waste Treatment Facility
    Sentencing Held After Man Drowned At Waste Treatment Facility

    Ronald Arthur Watts drowned in a pond full of fecal matter at an Australian wastewater treatment facility two years ago. This month, his employer was held responsible.

  • ‘Ghostbusters’ Foam Bubbles From Utah Sewers
    ‘Ghostbusters’ Foam Bubbles From Utah Sewers

    A small Utah town has a sewer problem that looks like it came from a Hollywood set.

  • Benzene In Water Debated In Florida
    Benzene In Water Debated In Florida

    Benzene is at the center of policy dispute in Florida, where officials are considering a revamp of water-quality rules for the first time in decades.

  • How To Ensure Your Utility Complies With The LT2
    How To Ensure Your Utility Complies With The LT2

    The U.S. EPA’s Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) was adopted in 2006 to modify the Safe Drinking Water Act and more tightly control the spread of Cryptosporidium, a microorganism that can cause gastrointestinal infection if ingested. Since its inception, the rule has posed a treatment challenge to utilities that are susceptible to the tiny contaminant. But which utilities are at risk? And how should they approach treatment?

  • Preparing For Algae Season
    Preparing For Algae Season

    For water treatment operators and utility officials, the summer months don’t just mean sunshine, pool parties, and barbecues. The season also brings the peak time for algal blooms, the toxic clouds formed in surface water thanks to increased nutrient contamination and rising temperatures. With rising instances of toxic algae around the country and increased regulations for eliminating it, utilities have had to keep pace.

  • Fixing The Water Sector’s Resiliency Problems
    Fixing The Water Sector’s Resiliency Problems

    The National Infrastructure Advisory Council has submitted a report on water sector resiliency to the White House, recommending the removal of federal obstruction and increased collaboration between utilities.

  • Down Under On Top: Lessons In Water Recycling From Australia
    Down Under On Top: Lessons In Water Recycling From Australia

    More than a decade before the U.S. West’s historic drought, Australia had to solve an even longer, drier spell. What can we learn from their experience?

  • Energy Boost: From Biogas To Bio-Methane
    Energy Boost: From Biogas To Bio-Methane

    A pilot project demonstrates how biogas purification yields better fuel in the form of high-purity bio-methane.

  • Sewage Is Now A Commodity Cities Fight Over
    Sewage Is Now A Commodity Cities Fight Over

    Two California cities are at odds over who gets to control a big bunch of sewage.

  • Yellowstone Grapples With High Arsenic Levels In ‘Old Faithful’ Water Supply
    Yellowstone Grapples With High Arsenic Levels In ‘Old Faithful’ Water Supply

    Tests have indicated that the famous “Old Faithful” water system geyser in Jackson, WY, has “slightly elevated” levels of arsenic which could taint the drinking water supply.

  • Raising The Bar On Scalability
    Raising The Bar On Scalability

    Automation and information systems represent a major investment for industrial businesses, both large and small. Long-term protection of that investment should be a significant consideration when selecting a partner and a system. By Phil Couling, Product Marketing Director, Supervisory HMI & SCADA

  • Situational Awareness — The Next Leap In Industrial Human Machine Interface Design
    Situational Awareness — The Next Leap In Industrial Human Machine Interface Design

    Wonderware InTouch has been the world’s number one Human Machine Interface (HMI) for over 25 years and offers legendary ease of use, market leading innovation, unequalled investment protection, brilliant graphics, unsurpassed connectivity, the industry’s best support and the broadest partner ecosystem.

  • Increasing MES Productivity With Workflow
    Increasing MES Productivity With Workflow

    As market demands and business drivers continue to evolve for customers in manufacturing and production industries, it is very clear that organizations are under significant pressure to increase the speed and agility of their business and manufacturing operations.

  • Researchers Claim New Tech Will Cut Nitrogen In Groundwater
    Researchers Claim New Tech Will Cut Nitrogen In Groundwater

    An emerging technology may significantly cut nitrogen released into groundwater by residential septic systems, helping protect waterways from algal blooms as water managers across the country struggle against toxic algae crises.

  • Did Donald Trump Sidestep Manhattan Sewage Standards?
    Did Donald Trump Sidestep Manhattan Sewage Standards?

    The Republican presidential nominee has a track record on sewage issues, although it is almost never discussed in the campaign.


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Swan Analytical USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer of, and field service provider for, online analytical instruments for measuring turbidity, free chlorine, total chlorine, chloramines, bromine, ozone, pH/REDOX, dissolved oxygen, phosphate, fluoride, ammonium, nitrate, and conductivity/TDS in drinking water production. Learn more.



Aquametrix 2250 Multi-Parameter Controller Aquametrix 2250 Multi-Parameter Controller

Designed to be the most flex­ible, easy to use, and easy to see multi-parameter controller on the market, the 2250 and 2250 TX excels in measuring Conductivity, pH, ORP or Flow.

Magnetic Flow Meters Magnetic Flow Meters

Interchangeable sensors and transmitters provide ideal flexibility for flow measurement.

CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station
Handling large capacities, the CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station combines superior performance with custom design and economic efficiency to provide solutions for customers' large flow applications. When compared to built-in-place, concrete designs, 30% savings can be realized with the S&L factory-built approach.
Bryneer™ Brine System Bryneer™ Brine System
The Bryneer™ bulk salt storage and brinemaker is the first brining system that is completely designed and manufactured by a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fabricator.
ZB 100-160 VSD Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Centrifugal Air Compressors, 100-160 kW, 135-215 hp ZB 100-160 VSD Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Centrifugal Air Compressors, 100-160 kW, 135-215 hp

Atlas Copco's low pressure ZB 100-160 VSD blowers guarantee a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free air supply - certified according to ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010). These blowers are directly driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is vastly superior to conventional types. Moreover, the unique stainless steel backward lean impeller has integrated labyrinth seals which lead to high efficiency and minimal air leakage. The ZB 100-160 VSD is supplied as an all-in-one, ready-to-run package with a small footprint. Vibration and noise levels are low, resulting in an agreeable working environment for your operators.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Liquid Carbon Dioxide

A safe alternative to mineral acids, carbon dioxide replaces chemicals used in pH reduction — lowering costs and improving plant safety and flexibility.

RIO Gila RIO Gila

750 → 3,000+ lb/day MOS
Frac-on-the-fly water disinfection! Providing residual disinfection down-hole where it counts most.

Water On Demand Water On Demand

Whether your needs are pre-planned or require emergency response, Aria™ FAST mobile water solutions provide reliable treatment with intelligent controls to keep your water, and business, flowing. Our global footprint ensures that we can respond with a plug and-play, fully equipped water treatment unit within 24 hours. Single units can produce quality filtrate of 400 gpm to 1400 gpm (73 to 320 m3/hr), while multiple units can be configured for larger capacities.

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Aquis Leakage Management Aquis Leakage Management

This video explains how Aquis Leak Detection can reduce the amount of Non-revenue Water by reducing loss of water through existing leaks and reduce the risk of additional leaks. Furthermore energy consumption, emissions and use of chemicals are reduced and water quality is improved.

Aquis Incident Management Aquis Incident Management

With Aquis the network is divided into several manageable control zones. This enables operators to react intelligently and responsibly. Contaminated areas can be shut down and adjacent areas isolated from the contaminated area so that the supply maybe maintained normally. Contingency plans can be quickly implemented.

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