• EPCOR USA Enters Texas Market With Acquisition Of 130 Pipeline

    EPCOR Water (USA) Inc. (EPCOR USA), a wholly owned subsidiary of EPCOR Utilities Inc. (EPCOR), recently announced that it has acquired the 130 Pipeline Project (130 Pipeline), a 53-mile wholesale water supply pipeline that delivers groundwater from Burleson County to eastern Travis County in the northeastern Austin, Texas metropolitan area.

  • The Official SEPAREL® Website For Degassing Modules Is Live

    Sun Chemical Advanced Materials is pleased to announce that the Official SEPAREL® Website is now live. This new, immersive website details how SEPAREL assists the degasification and aeration of water by utilizing a proprietary non-porous membrane from the DIC Corporation.

  • Singer Valve Adds Surge Anticipating Valves To MetroH2O

    Singer Valve, a leading manufacturer of control valves has added two surge anticipating valves to MetroH2O, a free online education tool for control valves.

  • Orange Water And Sewer Authority's Jones Ferry Water Treatment Plant Honored For Five Years Of Outstanding Plant Performance

    The Orange Water and Sewer Authority’s (OWASA) Jones Ferry Water Treatment Plant recently received the prestigious Phase IV 5-Year Excellence in Water Treatment Award from the Partnership for Safe Water. OWASA is one of only nine utilities to date to achieve this highly significant longevity award, honoring superior water treatment plant optimization and performance.

  • Dr. Peter G. McCornick To Deliver Keynote Address At Co-Located Groundwater Week And Irrigation Show

    There is opportunity to make systemic changes in agricultural water management that could significantly impact food security challenges around the world, according to Peter G. McCornick, PhD, PE, D.WRE, an internationally known authority who will deliver a joint keynote address at the co-located annual meetings of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) and the Irrigation Association (IA) Dec. 5-9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • New Trier Rowers' Success A Reflection On Cleaner Waters

    A high school rowing team is making the most of a Chicago waterway created and maintained by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) and turning its hard work and talents into champion caliber rowing.

  • Wiz Of A Performance By Landia’s Mixers In Kansas

    Over a decade on from an installation at a major wastewater treatment plant in Kansas, leading pump and mixer manufacturer Landia has once again demonstrated the longevity of its equipment by helping its customer get the original kit back into optimum operation.

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WEFTEC® 2016 – Creating the Future of Water, September 24 to 28 in New Orleans, is THE event for water quality professionals from around the world. WEFTEC 2016 offers the largest water quality exhibition in the world, with nearly 1,000 exhibiting companies; the latest equipment, services, and presentations in focused Innovation, Stormwater, and International pavilion areas on the exhibit floor; the Stormwater Congress, and more than 25,000 registrants from around the world and all sectors of water quality.




To achieve its plan to double the Company's reach, Evoqua is looking to add to its team and ensure it continues to have the best talent the industry. Learn more.


Aquametrix 2250 Multi-Parameter Controller Aquametrix 2250 Multi-Parameter Controller

Designed to be the most flex­ible, easy to use, and easy to see multi-parameter controller on the market, the 2250 and 2250 TX excels in measuring Conductivity, pH, ORP or Flow.

Options For Better Storm Water Management Options For Better Storm Water Management

Bio-Microbics focuses on solutions to satisfy Sustainable Drainage/Permeable Pavement requirements before discharge into rivers and other waterways. Bio-Microbics manufactures simple, low cost, robust Rainwater Filtration Devices and highly-effective, 2-stage storm water treatment systems to remove these pollutants; including, trash, debris, sediment, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants. These devices and systems provide the treatment and filtration of contaminants from runoff. Ensuring that your surface has adequate drainage and controlling pollutants from runoff, while recharging groundwater sources instead of contributing to runoff issues, is a more sustainable site practice. See also; Greywater Treatment Systems for water reuse.

ZB 100-160 VSD Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Centrifugal Air Compressors, 100-160 kW, 135-215 hp ZB 100-160 VSD Oil-Free Variable Speed Drive Centrifugal Air Compressors, 100-160 kW, 135-215 hp

Atlas Copco's low pressure ZB 100-160 VSD blowers guarantee a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free air supply - certified according to ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010). These blowers are directly driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is vastly superior to conventional types. Moreover, the unique stainless steel backward lean impeller has integrated labyrinth seals which lead to high efficiency and minimal air leakage. The ZB 100-160 VSD is supplied as an all-in-one, ready-to-run package with a small footprint. Vibration and noise levels are low, resulting in an agreeable working environment for your operators.

VigorOx® WWT II Wastewater Disinfection Technology VigorOx® WWT II Wastewater Disinfection Technology

VigorOx® WWT II is a strong wastewater disinfectant for use in wastewater treatment that can replace chlorine or improve the performance of a UV system. VigorOx WWT II, a peracetic acid (PAA)-based formulation, is an equilibrium mixture of acetic acid (vinegar), hydrogen peroxide and water.

OptiFiber® Cloth Media Filtration OptiFiber® Cloth Media Filtration

Technology pilot demonstrations can be beneficial to wastewater treatment plants by providing a snapshot of essential process operating conditions and allowing the customer to interact with the technology and factory personnel.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Liquid Carbon Dioxide

A safe alternative to mineral acids, carbon dioxide replaces chemicals used in pH reduction — lowering costs and improving plant safety and flexibility.

Drop In Heat Exchangers Drop In Heat Exchangers
Drop in air-to-air Heat Exchangers remove waste heat from sealed electrical panels and enclosures using Noren heat pipe technology.
Flow Booster Type ABS XSB Flow Booster Type ABS XSB

The low speed submersible mixer is the biggest of its type on the market for wastewater treatment and cuts energy consumption by a remarkable 25%! It achieves this through a premium-efficiency motor, a highly efficient gearbox and a unique innovative hydraulic design that boosts mixer efficiency as proven by exhaustive testing.

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Visit Kaeser Compressors At WEFTEC 2016 Visit Kaeser Compressors At WEFTEC 2016

Stop by booth #2307 at WEFTEC 2016 to see Kaeser’s energy-saving aeration solutions with blower packages and system controls for wastewater treatment plants.

How It Works: JCS Industries Liquid Vacuum Feeder Video How It Works: JCS Industries Liquid Vacuum Feeder Video

The Model 4100 is a patented technology that will feed numerous aqueous chemicals commonly used in municipal and industrial water treatment systems for operations that require high efficiency, control, and safety. President Brian Whitmore offers a tutorial on how it works in this video.

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Smith & Loveless offers a diverse array of water and wastewater treatment and pumping system solutions for the world's water problems. Additionally, we deliver unique technologies and consumables for mineral processing. Please browse our many solutions to learn more about our product offerings. Learn more.


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