• Corrosion Issues = Planning Issues
    Corrosion Issues = Planning Issues

    There indeed is a desperate need for a corrosion science. We have all seen perfect, shiny new equipment quickly rot and deteriorate in the field. Put a new motor in a pulp mill and two years later you cannot even read the label on it.

  • Utilities, Activists At Odds On Infrastructure Funding
    Utilities, Activists At Odds On Infrastructure Funding

    Water utilities, public officials, and consumer advocates all agree that there is a dire need for new funding to repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, but they sometimes disagree on where the money should come from.

  • Meet The Judge Who May Block The Clean Water Rule
    Meet The Judge Who May Block The Clean Water Rule

    Congressional Republicans have mounted numerous legislative efforts to stop a controversial federal clean water regulation, but in the end it was one man in North Dakota who managed to ground implementation to a halt.

  • Measuring Flow In A Partially-Filled Pipe
    Measuring Flow In A Partially-Filled Pipe

    Accurate partially-filled pipe measurement is essential when dealing with variable stormwater flows or over-sized community systems built for future growth. In Europe, new stormwater regulations requiring treatment before release are driving a change in measurement that will likely be seen in the U.S. in the not-too-distant future. 

  • Water Reuse Becomes Builders’ Selling Point
    Water Reuse Becomes Builders’ Selling Point

    One way to think about offsetting water rate increases is to reuse the water being consumed. For example, instead of paying $100 a quarter and using the water flowing out of faucets just once, what if you as a homeowner could treat that wastewater on site and reuse it to irrigate the lawn, wash the car, or flush the toilets?

  • The Future Of Pipeline Renewal
    The Future Of Pipeline Renewal

    Where is your utility when it comes to water and sewer management? Leading municipalities are using GIS tools to provide direction.

  • Keep Austin Sustainable: The Unique Case Of Water Treatment Plant No. 4
    Keep Austin Sustainable: The Unique Case Of Water Treatment Plant No. 4

    With people flocking to the trendy Texas metropolis, Austin needed a new treatment plant to sustain its growth — but a “sensitive” touch was required to complete the project while protecting the environment.

  • After 10 Years, Pipe Leaking Millions Of Gallons Finally Fixed
    After 10 Years, Pipe Leaking Millions Of Gallons Finally Fixed

    After leaking millions of gallons of water per month for a decade, a pipe in the town of Cherokee, AL, is finally being repaired.

  • Atlanta Faces Whistleblower Suits From Water Employees
    Atlanta Faces Whistleblower Suits From Water Employees

    A woman is taking Atlanta to court claiming she was fired from a city position for blowing the whistle about practices that could potentially contaminate city drinking water.

  • Automation Cuts Energy Costs And Man Hours At Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Automation Cuts Energy Costs And Man Hours At Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Energy conservation continues to be a critical focus for wastewater treatment plants. And because of this, innovations aimed at conserving energy and reducing energy costs abound. Water Online Radio recently caught up with Brian Hayes of ABB to understand some of the areas where wastewater treatment plants are having energy-saving success.

  • Coca-Cola And WEF Share Water Vision
    Coca-Cola And WEF Share Water Vision

    With over 1,000 manufacturing sites in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola Company knows a thing or two about water. And much of that knowledge is housed in Paul Bowen’s organization.

  • Baltimore Puts ‘Boots On The Ground’ To Manage Assets
    Baltimore Puts ‘Boots On The Ground’ To Manage Assets

    In a paper titled “Real Asset Management At Work: Boots On The Ground Making A Difference In Baltimore, MD,” representatives of the Baltimore City Department of Public Works, describe the work of its Office of Asset Management which has been moving the city to a more proactive mode of operation and maintenance.

  • Oil Wastewater Ponds Under Scrutiny
    Oil Wastewater Ponds Under Scrutiny

    Regulators in California are looking for a way to crack down on wastewater ponds formed during oil production.

  • Drunk Water Operator Leaves Town Without Water
    Drunk Water Operator Leaves Town Without Water

    A water plant operator is facing disciplinary action after leaving residents without water during an entire weekend in October because he was too drunk to open the plant.


  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Moves Forward With Pump System Optimization For All Facilities

    Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), a Massachusetts public authority established to provide wholesale water and sewer services to 2.5 million people and more than 5,500 large industrial users in 61 metropolitan Boston communities, conducted an in-house Pump System Optimization (PSO) Program in November as a precursor to a pump system assessment of all its facilities.

  • Tank Construction In Tight Spaces Reduces Plant Downtime

    Often we don’t have the luxury of working within a spacious new build environment, existing plant structures need to be catered for, and that luxury will be further diminishing in the future.

  • Urban Trees Provide Pollution Solution

    Urban environments Down Under aren’t all that different than those in the United States. They also struggle with contaminated water running off and causing pollution. In response, cities often use natural landscapes of soil, grasses, and trees. These biofiltration systems capture and filter the runoff.

  • Industrial Agitator Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2015 - 2021

    Industrial agitators serve the purpose of mixing two or more materials in various proportions and also of different viscosity to attain a desired level of uniformity in end products. Industrial agitators primarily serve various mixing application needs in manufacturing industries including chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverages among others.

  • Sea Of Green Systems Announces Strategic Partnership Agreement With Jim Fazio Golf Design

    Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: ESPH), a technology development and intellectual property licensing company, today announced that it and its majority owned subsidiary, Sea of Green Systems, Inc., ("SOGS") have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Jim Fazio Golf Design, LLC. ("FAZIO"), a leading designer of premier golf courses, to develop and market an exclusive line of OZONIX® water treatment products for the golf course industry worldwide.

  • Endress+Hauser Cooperating In Smooth System Integration

    In future, operators of process plants will be able to more easily integrate their devices and components into their automation systems.

  • Dow Contributes To University Of Arizona Advancing Water Treatment R&D

    Dow Water & Process Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, celebrated the opening of The University of Arizona’s Water and Energy Sustainable Technology Center (WEST) on Friday, Nov. 20.

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Underlayment No. F-120 Underlayment No. F-120
Sauereisen Underlayment No. F-120 is a fast-setting, high early strength, Portland-based resurfacing material available in three formulations - Trowelable, Castable, or Gunite.
Quality OEM Membrane Filtration Products For Integration Into End-User Filtration Devices Quality OEM Membrane Filtration Products For Integration Into End-User Filtration Devices

MicroPES® and DuraPES® membranes are high performance, asymmetric membranes. These membranes, which show excellent retention characteristics and high throughput, are used in many microfiltration applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food & beverage, microelectronics and chemical industries.

Kynar PVDF Jet Aerator For Improved Wear Resistance Kynar PVDF Jet Aerator For Improved Wear Resistance

Ten years ago, KLa Systems was presented with the challenge of finding a more wear-resistant material for our jet aeration nozzles.  The inner nozzle is the liquid propulsion nozzle of the jet aerator and continuously sees high volumes of motive liquid flow at velocities ranging from 33-46 ft/s.  Traditionally, these inner jet nozzles were made from the same FRP material as the outer jet with the industry accepted corrosion/abrasion liner made up of C-Glass/Nexus and Silicon Carbide impregnated into the vinylester resin.  For many years this material had held up in most industrial and municipal bioprocesses with no adverse deterioration or wear.

Magnetic Flow Meters Magnetic Flow Meters

Interchangeable sensors and transmitters provide ideal flexibility for flow measurement.

Sensus OMNI Commercial Water Meter Sensus OMNI Commercial Water Meter

Sensus offers industry leading technology with commercial water meter product lines that provide utilities the opportunity to measure enhanced flow ranges and drive revenue.

AMI Phosphate II AMI Phosphate II

Colorimetric process analyzer for the automatic and continuous measurement of phosphate.

Z-92® Uranium Removal Process Z-92® Uranium Removal Process

WRT's Z-92® process is the most effective and environmentally responsible choice you can make for removing uranium from drinking water and the community. That's because after removing the uranium, we dispose of it at a licensed facility

Schedule 80 PVC - Vinyl Piping Schedule 80 PVC - Vinyl Piping

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the most broadly used thermoplastic materials common to many industries. PVC is highly resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols, and many other corrosive materials

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Flygt 4320 Submersible Low-Speed Mixer Video Flygt 4320 Submersible Low-Speed Mixer Video

The Flygt 4320 allows you to adjust for today’s flows and loadings, quickly change to meet seasonal fluctuations, and be prepared for future increases – all without wasting energy.

Flygt Experior Pumping Solution: Guaranteed Clog-Free Pumping Flygt Experior Pumping Solution: Guaranteed Clog-Free Pumping

The Flygt Experior pumping solution combined the superior functionality of N-technology, premium efficiency motors, and intelligent controls to offer the ultimate in efficient clog-free pumping.

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