• Award-Winning Videos On Stormwater Best Practices
    Award-Winning Videos On Stormwater Best Practices

    Unlike Hollywood, big-budget projects are hard to come by in public works. So when it comes to stormwater, the community relies on the combined efforts from an ‘ensemble’ cast of characters to help prevent pollution — as seen on StormTV.

  • Researchers Find PPCP Surge In Cape Cod Wells
    Researchers Find PPCP Surge In Cape Cod Wells

    Researchers say private well testing in Cape Cod shows the presence of dozens of pharmaceuticals.

  • After Microbead Ban, Experts Consider Next Steps
    After Microbead Ban, Experts Consider Next Steps

    Congress passed a law phasing out microbeads last year over concerns that the plastic component in toothpaste and face scrubs is polluting rivers and streams.

  • Betting On Biogas: A Wastewater Plant’s Journey
    Betting On Biogas: A Wastewater Plant’s Journey

    The Lancaster Area Sewer Authority’s (LASA) recent $26.8 million upgrade to its lone wastewater treatment facility promises to reduce the plant’s environmental footprint and save costs by emphasizing energy efficiency and allowing for biosolids reuse.

  • Local Support Saves Time And Money
    Local Support Saves Time And Money

    At a water treatment plant that provides drinking water for distribution to a large area of customers, a contractor decided to switch to SITRANS FM MAG 5100W flowmeters. A local representative saved a the contractor time and money by recognizing the need for the magmeter to be isolated from the piping protection before startup, which also saved the customer from added downtime.

  • 3 Game Changers For Water And Wastewater
    3 Game Changers For Water And Wastewater

    Three key events from 2015 could reshape the water/wastewater industry in 2016 and for years to come.

  • Leading The (Re)Charge: How The SFPUC Is Protecting San Francisco Bay Area Groundwater
    Leading The (Re)Charge: How The SFPUC Is Protecting San Francisco Bay Area Groundwater

    The Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System is vulnerable to both drought and earthquakes, but innovative resiliency efforts by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will keep the water flowing.

  • Warming Up To Thermal Hydrolysis
    Warming Up To Thermal Hydrolysis

    Thermal hydrolysis is an innovative wastewater solids conditioning process that boasts many advantages — financial, environmental, and otherwise. Is your plant a good candidate?

  • The Age Of Peracetic Acid — A Solution To Increasingly Challenging Regulations
    The Age Of Peracetic Acid — A Solution To Increasingly Challenging Regulations

    While chlorination has long dominated water disinfection, new approaches and technologies have emerged in the wake of disinfection byproduct (DBP) regulations. Could peracetic acid (PAA) be the option that dethrones the king?

  • Flint: Corporate Giants Step In For Utilities
    Flint: Corporate Giants Step In For Utilities

    Amid a crisis that critics see as a failure of government, corporate giants have swept into Flint, MI, to help alleviate the tap-water debacle.

  • Smart Water Meter Adoption Rates On The Rise
    Smart Water Meter Adoption Rates On The Rise

    A major survey of utility executives shows that smart water meter adoption rates are on the rise.

  • Rural Water Plant Finds Leak With Clamp-On Flowmeter
    Rural Water Plant Finds Leak With Clamp-On Flowmeter

    A rural water treatment plant in the Southwestern U.S. treats, stores, and distributes 325,00 gallons per day of water to the village it serves. The village consumes an average of 125,000 gallons a day and can store up to 1 million gallons. Unfortunately, the treatment plant was also losing 210,000 gallons a day due to an unknown leak.

  • Pacing A Hydrocarbon Sampler With No Plant Downtime
    Pacing A Hydrocarbon Sampler With No Plant Downtime

    An oil refinery in the Southwest United States needed to sample diesel flow during shipment to ensure that the product characteristics were uniform throughout the batch. A local hydrocarbon sampler company provided a pressurized sampler. However, a flowmeter would also be necessary to pace the taking of the diesel sample with the flow.

  • Clamp-On Flowmeters Increase Gas Pipeline Performance
    Clamp-On Flowmeters Increase Gas Pipeline Performance

    SITRANS FUG1010 portable ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters used to check and verify the performance of existing metering equipment in a gas pipeline enables gas distribution company to increase operation efficiency by revealing measurement issues and discrepancies. Read the full case study to learn more.


  • Guiding Principles For Securing Our Water Future

    The current crisis in Flint, Michigan is a stark reminder of the essential value of water and the role of water infrastructure in protecting the health and well-being of all people.

  • Bell & Gossett Announces The Release Of The TechnoForce e-HV

    The TechnoForce e-HV by Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, is a pre-engineered pressure booster package, and the newest addition to B&G’s POWER OF e portfolio.

  • Ovivo Awarded A Major Ultrapure And Wastewater Project Worth Over $20M In The United States

    Ovivo Inc. (“Ovivo”) has been awarded a major contract in the U.S. Electronics market worth over $20M Canadian with a renowned global semiconductor manufacturer.

  • AMTA And AWWA Announce Awardees At This Year's Membrane Technology Conference

    The American Membrane Technology Association and the American Water Works Association recently announced four awardees at this year’s Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition. Awardees were recognized at an awards luncheon during the conference in San Antonio.

  • Xylem Analytics Portfolio Expanded With Tideland Acquisition

    Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues, has acquired Tideland Signal Corporation, a privately owned company specializing in analytics solutions in the coastal and ocean management sectors. News of the acquisition was shared in the Company’s 4th quarter earnings announcement.

  • Waterside Chat: New Regulatory Frameworks For Rate Stability

    Regulatory agencies around the country are considering new ways to secure water supplies for long-term economic growth. The state of Wisconsin, while situated adjacent to Lake Michigan — one of the largest fresh water sources in the world — finds itself experiencing increasing levels of water stress due to a strong reliance on ground water sources in large areas of the state.

  • Record-Breaking CO2 Well Stimulation Yields Outstanding Results

    Ferus Inc. (Ferus), the leading provider of off-road cryogenic fluids for the energy industry, is proud to be a major service provider for Blackbird Energy Inc., the emerging Canadian Exploration and Production company that recently completed and achieved exceptional top-tier production test results on a well located in the Middle Montney formation.

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For remote, temporary or permanent water treatment challenges, the Pall Aria™ Fast mobile membrane systems are your first choice for a reliable solution. These complete, automated, packaged membrane systems require minimal labor and can be operational within hours. The system modularity offers flexible configuration and can be engineered to operate in tandem with other water treatment technologies. Learn more.

Fluid Components International

10 Fluid Measurement Plant Imperatives That Increase Process Efficiency And Reduce Costs

Accurately measuring the flow and level of the various liquids and gases that travel through a process industry plant is a critical function for effective and efficient plant operations. Read more to learn 10 important industrial process plant functions that can benefit from accurate, repeatable, and reliable electronic flow or level measurement.


SedVac Sediment Removal System SedVac Sediment Removal System

Unlike traditional pipe systems, the Brentwood SedVac cleans all the way down to the basin floor without clogging. SedVac’s unique design funnels the sludge and scrapes the floor, resulting in consistent solids removal of 3 percent concentration while wasting less water than traditional pipe systems. These features mean less interruptions in production and no more hosing down your basin.

Remove three times more sludge in half the time!

Reverse Osmosis: RO Meter Reverse Osmosis: RO Meter
This compact instrument has been designed specifically to demonstrate and test POU reverse osmosis or distillation systems. By measuring electrical conductivity, it will quickly determine the parts per million/Total Dissolved Solids (ppm/TDS) of any drinking water
1700 Series For The Petro-Chemical Market 1700 Series For The Petro-Chemical Market

Mainsail Global’s Boone diffuser membranes are designed for the petro-chemical market with hydrogenated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (HNBR). These custom membranes are built for durability, and can withstand long-term exposure to heat, oil and chemicals readily present in petro-chemical wastewater streams. With excellent tensile strength, abrasion and ozone resistance and higher modulus retention at elevated temperatures, Boone membranes combine the physical strength and chemical makeup of HNBR for an ideal solution in petro-chemical wastewater treatment.

Grundfos Water Utility Solutions Grundfos Water Utility Solutions

Grundfos supplies a broad range of equipment and solutions designed specifically for water utility applications. Grundfos is at the forefront in promoting and facilitating energy efficiency and sustainable technology, ensuring that water supply and wastewater facilities meet future challenges and regulations.

KLa Systems Jet Aerator KLa Systems Jet Aerator

The high-alpha factor and clean water oxygen transfer performance of KLa’s jet aeration technology results in low energy costs and reduced off-gas volume for industrial and biosolids applications.

The Huber Service Edge<sup>sm</sup> The Huber Service Edgesm

As you consider various technologies for your wastewater treatment application, the cost of the equipment as well as proper sizing and implementation are a critical component in the decision making process. However, sometimes how the machine is cared for after installation is not as closely scrutinized as it should be and maybe overlooked. We would like to take a moment to discuss features of what we proudly identify as the Huber Service Edgesm. What we mean by this is; from the moment you make an initial inquiry through the entire useable service life of the equipment, Huber Technology is committed to support you through the entire lifecycle of the equipment. This is backed up by five generations of tradition that demands that we take care of you, our customer. This is something that I observe as severely lacking and much in demand in our industry today.

Model 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD Model 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD
The Model 5350 Tandem PID/ELCD is a combination detector coupling a Model 4430 Photoionization Detector with a Model 5320 Electrolytic Conductivity Detector. With the detectors in tandem, simultaneous detection of aromatic and halogen compounds is possible, eliminating the need for two separate analyses. Its unique design eliminates transfer lines and uses only one detector port. Both detectors can be used independently, if desired. The PID/ELCD is available for installation on most GC manufacturer’s instruments.
Control and Monitoring Equipment Control and Monitoring Equipment

When you are working with a wastewater collection network, visibility and up-to-date information are vital. You must have full visibility of your pumping stations at all times to ensure that you make the correct decision - every time.

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Superior Mixing Characteristics With The Water Champ® FX Chemical Induction System Superior Mixing Characteristics With The Water Champ® FX Chemical Induction System

The Water Champ® FX System improves open-channel disinfection process by replacing conventional mixing and diffusers with an easy, fast and effective chemical induction system. Constructed for the highest level of durability and performance, it is compatible with chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), ammonia, sulfur dioxide or bisulfite.

The MemPulse® MBR System The MemPulse® MBR System

The MemPulse® MBR System from Evoqua Water Technologies employs a unique wastewater treatment process that combines activated sludge treatment with membrane filtration resulting in greater effluent quality at a reduced life-cycle cost. 

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