• Are Beards Really The Latest Victim Of Fecal Pollution?
    Are Beards Really The Latest Victim Of Fecal Pollution?

    For some men, reports this month about the latest victim of sewage pollution cut close to the bone — specifically, the jawbone.

  • Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer Helps Utility Control Chloramination
    Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer Helps Utility Control Chloramination

    In chloramination, continuous online monitoring and increased frequency of measurements allow you to react faster to changes in water quality. The Bachman WTP in Dallas, TX tested the new Hach 5500sc Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer against other lab and process analyzers.  Read the full case study to see how the increased frequency of the 5500sc AMC measurements allow the Bachman Plant to react faster to water quality changes and further optimize their chloramination processes. Dr. Vadim B. Malkov, Product Applications Manager

  • Worker Dies At Chrysler Wastewater Plant
    Worker Dies At Chrysler Wastewater Plant

    A worker died while performing maintenance at a wastewater facility on May 5.

  • American Water Fights Algae With First Ultrasonic Buoy
    American Water Fights Algae With First Ultrasonic Buoy

    American Water has launched the first-ever project deploying ultrasonic technology to fight algae growth in North American reservoirs.

  • Captain Kirk Takes On The Drought
    Captain Kirk Takes On The Drought

    A seemingly surefire strategy for coping with the drought in the West: pipelines to get water to parched rural areas. So, should water-rich states start worrying the West will come siphon away their supplies?

  • New Jersey Bill May Place 'Unworkable' Pressures On Sewer Utilities
    New Jersey Bill May Place 'Unworkable' Pressures On Sewer Utilities

    In what is ostensibly a consumer-protection effort, the New Jersey legislature may crack down on charges from regional sewer authorities.

  • BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) Makes Water Visible At UC Merced
    BEACON Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) Makes Water Visible At UC Merced

    In California, water is precious, competition for water is fierce and conservation is critical. In the midst of the state’s worst drought to date, Governor Jerry Brown declared historic statewide mandatory water restrictions calling for a 25 percent reduction in water usage through February 2016.

  • A Master’s Plan For Water Industry Success
    A Master’s Plan For Water Industry Success

    The top concerns, trends, and opportunities in water are revealed by a leading voice in the industry — AWWA's CEO, David LaFrance.

  • Is EPA Monitoring You In The Hotel Bathroom?
    Is EPA Monitoring You In The Hotel Bathroom?

    Is the EPA investigating ways to monitor exactly what we do in the hotel bathroom? Various conservatives have claimed that the agency is trying to modify guests’ water consumption via the hotel shower. They claim the EPA is exceeding its mandate through a track of research focused on conservation at hotels.

  • Millions Of Dollars In Sewer Clogs Prompts Flushable-Wipes Lawsuit
    Millions Of Dollars In Sewer Clogs Prompts Flushable-Wipes Lawsuit

    A Minnesota city is suing six manufacturers of so-called "flushable" personal wipes, alleging that the product is not living up to its name and instead clogging up the sewer system.

  • Keeping Innovation Afloat: The Desal Prize
    Keeping Innovation Afloat: The Desal Prize

    During the week of April 6th, five teams of engineers, innovators, and water experts convened at the Bureau of Reclamation’s Brackish Groundwater National Desalination Research Facility in New Mexico to compete in the Desal Prize.

  • Smart Water Solution Delivers Cost Savings And Improved Efficiency For Multi-Service Utilities
    Smart Water Solution Delivers Cost Savings And Improved Efficiency For Multi-Service Utilities

    City Utilities of Springfield, MO, a multiservice utility delivering electricity, natural gas, and water services to more than 106,000 customers, needed a way to provide timely data about consumption and efficiency to customers across its three different service offerings. While existing technology offered visibility into gas and electricity consumption for the utility and its customers, the options for managing water usage were limited.

  • Federal Fluoride Guideline Lowered As Side-Effect Research Mounts
    Federal Fluoride Guideline Lowered As Side-Effect Research Mounts

    The federal government has decreased the level of fluoride it recommends for tap water.

  • Utah Teen Lives With Water Allergy
    Utah Teen Lives With Water Allergy

    Utility operators work day in and day out to make tap water safe for their customers, but there is nothing they can do for a Utah teen who feels "tortured" every time she gets in the bathtub.


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ClearBlu Environmental

ClearBlu Environmental is a wastewater system manufacturer selling specialized products for industrial, brewery, winery, and industrial wash bay customers. ClearBlu designs, builds, and installs systems nationwide using sustainable technologies that consume less energy, less chemistry, and require less maintenance than conventional systems.. Learn more.

Jacobi Carbons Inc.

Over the past several decades, activated carbon has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective technology for the control of various odorous compounds (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, methyl sulfide compounds, and other VOC) at municipal wastewater treatment plants. Furthermore, as the needs of the market have changed, activated carbon technology has also changed, with numerous types of carbons emerging over the years for odor control. Learn more about Jacobi Carbons’ full range of activated carbons for municipal odor control.


PLB - Shaftless Screw Press

PLB - Shaftless Screw Press

The PLB, from IPEC Consultants, is a mechanical device to compact and wash wet solids and sludges collected in waste treatment processes and reduce the volume of solids to be handled or disposed of. They are ideally suited to treat solids from most screening devices The driving force is "push style" with gearbox mounted on the lower end.

TurboStat™ Sidehill Static Screen

TurboStat™ Sidehill Static Screen

The TurboStat sidehill static screen is one of the simplest and most economical methods for solids separation. All units feature a stainless steel wedge wire filtration surface. The working principle is based on a liquid current circulating over the screen's curved surface.

Automation: PlantWeb® Digital Architecture

Automation: PlantWeb® Digital Architecture

As a key component in Emerson's PlantWeb® digital architecture, Ovation® offers a growing and unequaled array of fully integrated products and capabilities to help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage for years to come...

Biotector Online TOC Analyzer

Biotector Online TOC Analyzer

Hach BioTector TOC Analyzers provide maximum uptime and reliability due to a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that easily handles difficult samples and significantly reduces maintenance.

ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

Desalitech's ReFlex Reverse Osmosis systems represent a new era of water treatment efficiency. With patented CCD technology, ReFlex systems guarantee maximum water savings and waste water reduction. Desalitech systems are making the best use of water resources, offering a recovery rate of up to 98 percent plus unmatched reliability and flexibility. ReFlex Reverse Osmosis typically reduces disposal costs by 50 percent to 75 percent and energy consumption by up to 35 percent.

Hydro-Guard® HG-31

Hydro-Guard® HG-31

The Hydro-Guard® HG-31 LongNeck™ Standard Flushing System was developed for use in moderate to severe cold weather climates, and can be operated all year in all weather conditions.

The Huber Service Edge<sup>sm</sup>

The Huber Service Edgesm

As you consider various technologies for your wastewater treatment application, the cost of the equipment as well as proper sizing and implementation are a critical component in the decision making process. However, sometimes how the machine is cared for after installation is not as closely scrutinized as it should be and maybe overlooked. We would like to take a moment to discuss features of what we proudly identify as the Huber Service Edgesm. What we mean by this is; from the moment you make an initial inquiry through the entire useable service life of the equipment, Huber Technology is committed to support you through the entire lifecycle of the equipment. This is backed up by five generations of tradition that demands that we take care of you, our customer. This is something that I observe as severely lacking and much in demand in our industry today.

Media Replacement Services

Media Replacement Services

With hundreds of systems installed throughout North America, no other company has more experience and know-how to provide a full service media replacement than AdEdge.

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Listening For Leaks In Las Vegas

Listening For Leaks In Las Vegas

While it often starts with a leak, historically many utilities have waited until there is an evident problem or rupture to react. Today’s utilities have an option. Imagine being immediately notified about a problem in an main. The EchoShore-TX platform will call, text, or email you promptly after detecting a leak or other anomaly.

About Desalitech: A Company Overview

About Desalitech: A Company Overview

Industry accounts for nearly 60 percent of fresh water withdrawals in the developed world, putting tremendous stress on water resources which will only increase with growth.

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Xylem is a global water leader deeply involved in every stage of the cycle of water, transporting, treating, testing and analyzing, then returning it to the environment. Xylem’s brands produce highly efficient products and systems that require less maintenance, use less energy and provide environmental benefits to users and communities. Learn more.


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