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JWC Environmental's family of wastewater, stormwater and sewage treatment products are legendary for quality and reliability — including the Muffin Monster and Channel Monster sewage grinders, and the Auger Monster, Screenings Washer Monster and Monster Separation Systems, which incorporate a fine screen or band screen with superior sewage screening conditioning. Learn more.


Mueller Meter Setting Materials Mueller Meter Setting Materials
MUELLER Copper Meter Yokes are available in a wide variety of styles and in sizes to fit 5/8" thru 2" meters. These yokes are designed to speed installation and removal of meters, and to absorb service line stresses
Sanitaire Stainless Steel Wide Band Coarse Bubble Aeration Systems by Xylem Sanitaire Stainless Steel Wide Band Coarse Bubble Aeration Systems by Xylem

Sanitaire pioneered the concept of wide band aeration with the introduction of the SANITAIRE® Stainless Steel Non-Clog diffuser in 1967. Since its introduction, the SANITAIRE wide band diffuser has become the standard in the industry with over 500,000 units in service.

Ammonium/Nitrate Ion Selective Electrodes Ammonium/Nitrate Ion Selective Electrodes
In addition to reducing carbon, modern wastewater treatment plants also reduce nitrogen and phosphate. For this purpose, the online measurement of ammonium, nitrate and phosphate parameters is required. Nitrite and total phosphate are also occasionally measured.
Bryneer™ Brine System Bryneer™ Brine System
The Bryneer™ bulk salt storage and brinemaker is the first brining system that is completely designed and manufactured by a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fabricator.
SHS - Sidehill Screen SHS - Sidehill Screen

SH Series, from IPEC Consultants, of Static Sidehill Screens elements are curved, slotted, wedgewire screen with slots ranging from 0.010” to 0.125” oriented horizontally across the direction of flow

PEAK 5X Ozone Generator PEAK 5X Ozone Generator

The Peak Series Packaged ozone systems have been designed for municipal and commercial users requiring the ozone be delivered in a specific manner with no deviation or shut down.

Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Chopper Pumps Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Chopper Pumps
Vaughan's horizontal end centrifugal suction chopper pumps come in a "flushless" mechanical seal or a standard combined bearing frame flushed...
Submersible Propeller Pump Type ABS VUPX Submersible Propeller Pump Type ABS VUPX

Submersible propeller pump type ABS VUPX series are used where larger water volumes without fibres must be pumped up to relatively low heads (up to approx. 10 m/33 ft).

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Flygt 4320 Submersible Low-Speed Mixer Video Flygt 4320 Submersible Low-Speed Mixer Video

The Flygt 4320 allows you to adjust for today’s flows and loadings, quickly change to meet seasonal fluctuations, and be prepared for future increases – all without wasting energy.

Flygt Experior Pumping Solution: Guaranteed Clog-Free Pumping Flygt Experior Pumping Solution: Guaranteed Clog-Free Pumping

The Flygt Experior pumping solution combined the superior functionality of N-technology, premium efficiency motors, and intelligent controls to offer the ultimate in efficient clog-free pumping.

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Neptune Leads The Way In Performance And Compliance

Pinnacle Ozone is the manufacturer and world class integrator of rugged & compact, energy efficient industrial ozone systems. Our Pinnacle systems are used in a diverse array of industrial, commercial and municipal water application areas where treatment requires compact size, system mobility, high efficiency, wide operational pressure, and complex system integration solutions and services. Learn more.


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