• Beer Brewers Targeted In EPA Clean Water Act Fight
    Beer Brewers Targeted In EPA Clean Water Act Fight

     Beer brewers are being lobbied by an environmental group to support the EPA's controversial clean water proposal.  

  • Climate Change, Nutrient Issues Among Top Threats For The Future
    Climate Change, Nutrient Issues Among Top Threats For The Future

    After working for six years with The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread on solutions to emerging threats in the water sector — climate change and nutrient pollution among them — Lynn Broaddus, director of The Johnson Foundation’s Environment Programs, shares her outlook for the future.

  • Efficient, Safe And Non-Clogging Equals Longevity For Wastewater Pumps
    Efficient, Safe And Non-Clogging Equals Longevity For Wastewater Pumps

    Frank Rebori, President of Smith & Loveless, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to explain the equation: Efficient + Safe + Non-Clogged = Longevity

  • Oil And Water Might Not Mix But They Certainly Like Each Other
    Oil And Water Might Not Mix But They Certainly Like Each Other

    Paul Schuler, Americas Executive for GE Power and Water, is seeing companies doing things with water that he’s never seen before.

  • Solving Wet Weather—The Impact On Secondary Treatment
    Solving Wet Weather—The Impact On Secondary Treatment

    Extreme wet weather events aren’t that common. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored, says Julian Sandino of CH2M Hill. 

  • Fracking May Be Dangerous To Nearby Residents
    Fracking May Be Dangerous To Nearby Residents

    "Those who live in close proximity to fracking sites exhibited a greater likelihood to suffer [health] problems than those who lived farther away from natural gas wells, according to a new study of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale region," RT reported.

  • A New York Integrator Compares Hosted And Traditional SCADA
    A New York Integrator Compares Hosted And Traditional SCADA

    The typical SCADA system is a diverse collection of hardware and software spread over a large geographical area.

  • Looking To The Future Of Wastewater Treatment
    Looking To The Future Of Wastewater Treatment

    Evoqua is looking toward the future– and that future is energy-neutral wastewater treatment plants.

  • The Progress Of Decentralized Systems
    The Progress Of Decentralized Systems

    Decentralized systems have come a long way from the days of rudimentary systems for single family homes — they can now accommodate larger flows and much more complex requirements, according to Bob Rebori, President at Bio-Microbics, during a Water Online radio interview.

  • The Grand Unified Theory Of Probes
    The Grand Unified Theory Of Probes

    Scientists spend their lives searching for simplicity.

  • 'Flushable' Mess: How To Clean Up The Nondispersible Wipes Issue
    'Flushable' Mess: How To Clean Up The Nondispersible Wipes Issue

    The flushing of nondispersible wipes has become the biggest problem for collection systems operators over the past few years, and it’s only getting worse. Kevin Bates of JWC Environmental discusses the issue and offers potential solutions.

  • Energy Savings At The Aeration Basin
    Energy Savings At The Aeration Basin

    With infrastructure dollars still tightly constricted, Aeration Industries International is focusing its attention on making wastewater treatment as cost-effective as possible. “Eighty percent of a wastewater treatment plant’s energy consumption takes place at the aeration basin,” Michael Ramirez, Director of Marketing for Aeration Industries points out in this Water Online radio interview. “Infrastructure dollars are low, everybody knows that. So we need to look for ways to really save money for the customer.”

  • Automation 101: The Dangers Of Hand/Off/Auto
    Automation 101: The Dangers Of Hand/Off/Auto

    When we automate we invariably offer our clients and their operations staff the benefit of Hand/Off/Auto functionality for all the components on our systems. To those new to automation it allows an operator or maintenance worker to remove a piece of equipment, like a pump or blower for example, from the oversight and control automated controller (MCC, PLC, etc.) and operate it manually while it is still installed.

  • Pilot Studies In North Carolina With Hydrex™ Odor Solutions
    Pilot Studies In North Carolina With Hydrex™ Odor Solutions

    Two municipalities were faced with odor issues and required corrosion prevention in their collection systems. Monitoring in the sewer lines indicated peak H2S atmospheric concentrations of 300-500 ppm. Both clients desired H2S < 20 mg/L to prevent corrosion and preferably lower to prevent H2S odor.


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XP Solutions - Hydro-Environmental Software

XP Solutions Webinars

2D Modelling with Different Cell Sizes – An expert 2D modeller shares his knowledge of 2D modelling approaches where different grid sizes are beneficial, and how to set up these models for optimum results.

The XPDRAINAGE Treatment Train Approach – See how to apply xpdrainage to a site in order to compare pre- and post-development flows and water quality for various LID practices.


The 2300 multi-input controller by Aquametrix offers a real breakthrough in process control. It features the functionality of a PLC and a SCADA in a compact package for the price of a transmitter. The 2300 basic unit accepts a total of four inputs from direct 4-20 mA output probes and three square wave inputs from pulse instruments such as paddle wheel or magnetic flow meters. Download our brochure to learn more.




Calgon Carbon's Service program is designed to meet your specific treatment objectives while providing you with financial flexibility, Without incurring capital costs, the monthly fee-based service allows you to choose just what you need for only as long as you need it
BioMag™ And CoMag™ Systems

BioMag™ And CoMag™ Systems

The BioMag™ System easily integrates with planned or existing facilities, increasing activated sludge system capacity up to 300% without new tankage, providing control over the depth of secondary sludge blankets and enabling high nutrient removal.

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement

For virtually any liquid, steam, gas or slurry there is a cost-effective flowmeter solution from ABB. Please use the links to find the right flow meter for your application

Wireless PRV Monitoring

Wireless PRV Monitoring

Pressure reducing valves (PRVs) are used throughout water distribution systems to reduce pipeline pressure to a predetermined set point. This decreases water loss and prevents pipe breaks.

OSCAR™ Process Performance Optimizer

OSCAR™ Process Performance Optimizer

Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), combined with the transparency provided by real time monitoring, allows operators to always know actual treatment process conditions. No more guessing — just ask OSCAR™ process performance optimizer. He equips operators with the tools they need to successfully and efficiently operate the WWTP.

Floating Aerator / Mixer

Floating Aerator / Mixer

DO2E Aerator / Mixers are high-efficiency all welded, heavy-duty PVC devices that are unique in several ways. DO2E’s patented products are designed to pull water from significant depths for aeration and mixing. By operating with low-pressure (<1.85 P.S.I.) high-volume airflow, these devices maximize energy efficiency. Our patented products are scalable and multi voltage.

Recordall&reg; Compound Series Meters

Recordall® Compound Series Meters

Recordall Compound Series Meters from Badger Meter combine two metering technologies in one innovative package. A positive displacement chamber measures low flow, while a turbine chamber records high flow. These meters are an ideal choice for facilities that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demand, such as hospitals, universities, residential complexes and manufacturing or processing facilities.


ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis

Desalitech ReFlex Reverse Osmosis systems are highly efficient, typically reducing brine waste by 50% to 75% and energy consumption by up to 35%.

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2D Modelling Series Pt 1: Modelling with Different Cell Sizes

2D Modelling Series Pt 1: Modelling with Different Cell Sizes

Webinars are XP Solutions' way of reaching out to discuss not only the tools we design, but the hot topics in water collection in our present world. XP-Live Webinars provide an opportunity for experts in their fields to offer demonstrations in concepts and practices in design, modeling, planning, reviewing and more. XPertorials are shorter webinars that provide tips and tricks for using XP Solutions software products.

Real-Time Test Challenge with the SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA)

Real-Time Test Challenge with the SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA)

See the difference for yourself how the new SL1000 Portable Parallel Analyzer (PPA) dramatically streamlines water quality testing.

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Each utility has its own unique needs, based on size, geography, infrastructure, and other factors. Neptune makes it a point to understand your specific needs so that we can offer a solution that suits you the best. Our people are trained to help you determine the best meter reading systems and tools that can be used to meet those needs.


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