Current Headlines

  1. GridBee STH-8400 Submersible Tank Heater Helps Prevent Ice Damage In Potable Water Storage Tanks

    The GridBee submersible tank heater from Medora Corporation can prevent ice damage to potable water storage tanks that receive little or no turnover in the winter.

  2. EPA Releases Drinking Water Guidelines For PFOA, PFOS

    The U.S. EPA released updated drinking water guidelines for PFOA and PFOS as the contaminants began to emerge regularly in regional water supplies.

  3. California Shelves Water Restrictions In Positive Shift For Utilities

    In a major policy shift, California is ending its sweeping, historical water restrictions amid signs the drought is easing in what analysts are calling a positive development for water utilities.

  4. Return To Sender? Mail Stashed In Sewer System

    The sewer system is not where the mail goes. But letters, bills, and checks wound up there this month when a postal worker in Washington, D.C., decided to throw a load of mail into the underbelly of the city’s infrastructure.

  5. DVO, Inc. Announces First Anaerobic Digester Installation In China

    Both installation and commissioning are complete on a DVO, Inc. anaerobic digester at Austasia Modern Dairy Farm in Xianhe, located in Shandong Province, China.

  6. Alvaro Molina Chi Joins Huber Technology As Private Sales Director-Industrial For North America

    Huber Technology recently announced Mr. Alvaro Molina Chi joined North American Operations as Private Sales Director-Industrial. Alvaro will be responsible for overseeing all private sector industrial sales.

  7. Donald Trump Quiet On Water Issues With Mexican Border Plan

    Donald Trump has had a lot to say about the Mexican border, but he has yet to speak at length on what is arguably one of the trickiest and most important border issues: water.

  8. Top Scientist: Ruffalo Should Be 'Ashamed' Over Flint Claims

    A celebrity water activist may be muddying the waters when it comes to spreading clear information about the safety of water in Flint, MI.

  9. Dried Watershed Loses Wildlife, Nitrogen Removal Capabilities

    It’s difficult to imagine California’s Hidden Valley Wildlife area deprived of the many birds that had once inhabited it. Sadly, the 70 acres of wetlands just south of the Santa Ana River dried up in 2010 after a severe storm wrecked the channel

  10. New Water Research Foundation Study Addresses Most Effective Methods For Removing PFOS/PFOA From Water And Wastewater

    The Water Research Foundation (WRF), a leading sponsor of research supporting the water community, has released findings of a study addressing effective methods for removing poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) from water and wastewater.